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  • 85 Broads@Cornell

    85 Broads@Cornell works in partnership with other clubs on campus to act as the primary connection between the network and undergraduates. 85 Broads@Cornell acts as the primary conduit of student services for 85 Broads across the campus. Working through and with other clubs, 85 Broads@Cornell takes the network from virtual to actual by creating an intra-campus system of 85 Broads members. 85 Broads Club@Cornell is a tool that other clubs can use to find a mentor, attain corporate sponsorship, and get networked--strengthening undergraduates’ connections to the 85 Broads network.

  • Accounting Association

    There are three main goals that CAA strives to accomplish. Our first goal is to heighten interest in the accounting field through our various programs and events. Secondly, we want to prepare our members for the competitive business environment through professional, academic, and leadership development. Lastly, we plan to make a productive impact on our community by coordinating community outreach activities. Our success is measured by the number of CAA members that achieve jobs and internships as a result of combined student and CAA efforts. We welcome any organizations that wish to work with us to accomplish all or a portion of these goals.

  • AIESEC Cornell

    AIESEC is the world’s largest student-run organization. Active in over 1700 universities across 110 countries and territories, our international platform enables young people to explore and develop their leadership potential for them to have a positive impact in society.
    We accomplish our mission by facilitating the exchange of students to complete international internships; both by contracting with local businesses to develop positions for international students and by sourcing those students at the college level.

    For further information please contact Roneal Desai at


  • ALPFA - Association of Latino Professionals in Finance & Accounting

    The purpose of this organization is to help Cornell University students enhance their knowledge about opportunities and trends in the fields in business and leadership. We will provide opportunities to network with professionals and potential employers, and understand the changing trends in both the job markets and businesses. We will be the leading Latino professional association committed to creating and providing the Cornell University community with professional networking opportunities from various industries in the business field. We strive on establishing an atmosphere where our members can actively participate in our programs aimed to increase personal growth and development. We want to offer a place where our members can learn to identify changing trends in the workplace and understand business related issues by which they can readily apply upon entering the workforce.

  • Alpha Kappa Psi

    Alpha Kappa Psi is Cornell University's Original Co-Ed Professional Business Fraternity dedicated to providing a professional and social environment in which its members can thrive.

  • Apex Capital Fund

    The primary goal of Apex Capital Fund is to enhance our business knowledge in different investment methods. The main focus of the portfolio is in options, commodities, and equities markets. A statistical and risk management approach will be the group’s central investing style. Members will develop skills in financial modeling and learn the foundations of creating a profitable portfolio.

    For further information please contact Ben Yu at


  • Asia Business Association

    With more than fifty student members, the Asia Business Association is one of the largest clubs at Cornell\'s Johnson Graduate School of Management. Our mission focuses on both professional and networking opportunities, striving to broaden our students’ awareness of both business and career opportunities in Asia.

  • Black Graduate Business Association

    To build bonds with our alumni, potential employers, and other Black MBA candidates in order to advance the recruitment of qualified Black students and faculty to The Johnson School, promote professional development of our members, and positively impact the greater community.

  • BR Consulting

    BR Consulting traces its roots to our days as a business incubator. Our core competency was enabling new entrepreneurs to achieve their objectives, and we retain this focus on achieving real results and working closely with our clients to ensure their success. As our clients matured and faced new problems, we found our skill-sets remained relevant to their problems and we could still add significant value to their businesses. We have grown with our clients, and we now are proud to serve businesses of a variety of sizes and at different stages of maturity.

  • BR MicroCapital

    BRM supports under-served entrepreneurs by fostering small business development in the Tompkins County area through lending and coaching services in partnership with Alternatives Federal Credit Union.

    For further information please contact Max Schomaecker at