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Pillsbury: Success for entrepreneurs stems from courage, balance

April 19, 2016
If anyone knows what it takes to be an entrepreneur, it’s Leland “Lee” Pillsbury ’69. The 2016 Cornell Entrepreneur of the Year shared lessons learned during his illustrious career with the next generation of Cornell entrepreneurs April 15. “Most important, it’s the jockey, not the horse. It’s you as an individual and the management team that’s far more important than the business idea,” Pillsbury said. With serious moments and a sprinkling of jokes, he gave an animated keynote speech at a luncheon honoring 2016 Student Business of the Year nominees. The previous evening, Entrepreneurship at Cornell had presented Continue reading...


March 19, 2014
About Us Entrepreneurship at Cornell is a diverse, university-wide program that finds and fosters the entrepreneurial spirit in participants from every college, every field, and in every stage of life. We are grounded in the belief that individuals who exhibit an entrepreneurial spirit and have acquired entrepreneurial knowledge can add significant value to any working environment from the smallest startup to the largest business, from non-profits to government agencies. Governed by the Deans of all twelve participating Cornell schools and colleges, Entrepreneurship at Cornell is supported by a committed Advisory Council of over 100 members. Financial support for Cornell Entrepreneurship events, Eship Continue reading...