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Q: If I come to Cornell, how can I incorporate entrepreneurship into my studies?
A: Cornell's unique approach to Entrepreneurship learning extends entrepreneurial thinking and learning across the curriculum. So no matter what your specific discipline or field, there are courses designed to give you the skills needed to succeed in that field. Visit the Course Map for a complete listing of Entrepreneurship classes at Cornell.
Q: Does Cornell have an Entrepreneurship major?
A: While Cornell does not offer a specific major in Entrepreneurship, the University does offer a multitude of classroom and experiential learning opportunities across nine of the ten Schools and Colleges. For more information, visit the Entrepreneurship Concentrations page.
Q: What opportunities are there for me to get involved in actually running a business?
A: Cornell offers many opportunities for students to run their own businesses. Some examples include:
  • Student Agencies is the nation's oldest independent student-managed company, and is comprised of six businesses: Big Red Shipping and Storage, Campus Promotions, Hired Hands Moving Company, Student Agencies Properties, SAI Business Development Research Group, and Human Resources. With over 100 undergraduates, we are the second largest employer of students in the Ithaca area after Cornell.
  • BR Ventures, BR Legal, and BR Consulting: The Big Red companies offer Johnson School and Cornell Law students the opportunity to run their own Venture Capital Fund (BR Ventures), law firm that provides affordable legal advice to start-up businesses (BR Legal), and business incubator (BR Incubator).
  • CHC Inc is the only consultancy operated by current students from the School of Hotel Administration, the hospitality industry's premier research and education center.
Q: How is Cornell different from other places that have entrepreneurship programs?
A: Cornell was a pioneer in integrating entrepreneurship education across the curriculum; indeed, we recognized many years ago that entrepreneurship education was not just for business majors and that all students could integrate this learning into their own visions of success. Cornell's focus is on making entrepreneurship education available and relevant for as many students as possible. Additionally, there are specific resources for students who have already begun their entrepreneurial journey.
Q: Will I get a chance to interact with alumni who are entrepreneurs?
A: Absolutely! Many of the Entrepreneurship@Cornell classes include talks by successful entrepreneurial Cornell alumni. In addition, there are on-going guest speakers and networking events open to the entire campus designed to introduce Cornell students to successful entrepreneurs in a variety of fields.